Your Financial Plan of Action


  The process of designing your financial plan of action should look like this:

 Identifying and prioritizing your       goals -  short term and long term,       and your values

  • Analyzing your current situation, you cannot make a plan without understanding where you are now - looking into our "junk drawer" of all our financial decisions you have made so far
  1. Develop a plan of action, or solution
  2. Implement, and this could be several steps or a few
  3. Monitor the plan
  4. Review, are you on track, or are changes needed? 

Your goals may be retirement planning, education/college funding, taking care of your loved ones if you are not there, life insurance planning, retirement income planning, business planning, and/or charitable gifting, and not being a burden on your children.

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 My compensation depends upon the services I provide and may include fees and/or commissions.  Products and services could include:

Financial Planning, Annuities, Life Insurance, Wealth Management, Investment Accounts, IRAs, 401 (K) Rollovers and Long-Term Care.