Women and Financial Planning

Helping women gain the confidence they need to take control of their financial security for today and the unknown of tomorrow.

I have been a single mother, divorced, a mom in a blended family, and now I am a widow.  I also saw my role with my mother change when she reached age 90 and lost some of her independence.  I became more of the "mother" and she became more of the "daughter".

I run a women's wealth management practice working with women in all stage of their lives.  This does not mean I do not work with men, I do have men as clients, but the majority of my clients are women.

Typical stages of a woman's life are: building a career, being a wife, being a mother, and finding themselves suddenly alone.  A woman can find herself suddenly alone due to divorce or loss of her loved one.  Losing a loved one is not just for the older woman; loss can happen at any stage of life, and divorce is not just for the young.  More and more women are facing divorce after 25+ years of marriage.

As many as 80 - 90%* of women will be solely responsible for managing their own money at some time in their life.

I believe women want true financial independence.  But what does this look like and how does a woman go about building her "house of financial security?"

I believe I can help and I would be honored to be your financial professional of choice.


*Wojnar, K. and Meek, C. "Women's View of WEalth and the Planning Process," Advisor Perspectives, March 1, 2011.